With a background operating steam locomotives and a good grounding in mechanical restoration, I am pleased to offer a Millwright service to Highland Scotland.

A Millwright is quite a generic term to refer to someone who builds and maintains mills, be they wind, water or steam powered. Millwrighting is recognised as an engangered craft and there are currently no Millwrights listed in Highland Scotland.

In light of this, I am now advertising Millwrighting amongst my trades, in the hope of supporting this important heritage sector and doing what I can to help turn around the decline of mills and milling in Scotland.

Scotland is a country rich in mills, the majority of them water powered. Our forebears knew well how to sympathetically harness natural energy and use it to drive machines such as saws, mill stones, industrial machinery and produce electricity.

During 2022 I took the year out to complete the Society for the Protection of Ancient Building's (SPAB) William Morris Craft Fellowship programme. Each year one of the four positions offered includes additional training in Millwrighting and I was very grateful to have been offered this placement.

​I have since been employed by the SPAB as a tutor for their 'Working Party' event in Scotland, which was at the Finzean Water Sawmill in Aberdeenshire in 2023. 

I would be delighted to hear from you if you are in search of a Millwright in northern Scotland.